Publications and Presentations



Peer-reviewed Publications

1.   Stimulation of endothelin-1 secretion by human breast cancer cells through protein kinase A activation: a novel        paracrine loop involving breast fibroblast derived PGE2.

     Patel KV, Sheth HG, Schrey MP.

     Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 1997;126:143-151

2.   Endothelin-1 production; regulation through multiple interacting signalling pathways.

     Patel KV, Sheth HG.

     European Journal of Endocrinology 130 S20.06

3.   Optic neuropathy and orbital inflammatory mass after wasp stings.

     Sheth HG, Sullivan TJ.

     J R Soc Med. 2004 Sep;97(9):436-7


4.   UK National Survey of Prophylactic YAG Iridotomy.

     Sheth HG, Goel R.

     Eye. 2005 Sep;19(9):981-4  

5.   Vitreoretinal Trauma Characteristics and Outcomes.

     Williamson TH, Sheth HG, Parmar B,

     Eye News 2005

6.  Acquired aniridia in a Pseudophakic Eye.

     Sheth HG, Herbert EN, Laidlaw AH.

     British Medical Journal, Minerva Nov 2005

7.  Use of OCT to demonstrate persistent subretinal fluid after clinically successful retinal detachment repair.

     Sheth HG, Laidlaw AH.

     Eye. 2005 Mar;18 

8.  Gaze-evoked amaurosis in optic neuropathy due to probable sarcoidosis.

     Sheth HG, O’Sullivan EP, Plant GT, Graham EM.

     Eye. 2005 Sep;30 

9.  Traumatic Aniridia after small incision cataract extraction.

     Sheth HG, Laidlaw AH.

     Contact Lens Anterior Eye. 2006, Aug 29 

10. Lipid lowering in diabetes – ophthalmic benefits.

     Sheth HG, Aslam S, Davies N.

     BMJ 2006;332:1272-3 

11.  Lipid-lowering therapy is associated with resolution of exudates in diabetic maculopathy – Case Series.

     Hiten G Sheth, Sher Aslam, Michael D Feher, N Davies.

     Br Journal Diabetes Vascular Disease. 2006, Volume 6, Number 4, 181-183  

12. Patient Consultation Survey in Ophthalmic Outpatient Department.

     Aslam S, Colapinto P, Sheth HG, Jain R.

     J Med Ethics. 2007 Mar;33(3):134-5 

13. Emergency Management of Corneal Injuries.

     Aslam S, Sheth HG, Vaughan AJ.

     Injury 2006 Aug 30

14.  Ocular features of Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome.

      Aslam SA, Sheth HG

     Clin Experiment Ophthalmol 2007 35(1);98-99

15. Frequent Attenders to Eye Casualty.

     Sheth HG, Sheth AG.

     J Med Ethics. 2007 Aug;33(8):496

16. Inferior oblique schwannoma: Diagnosis and management.

     Colapinto P, Sheth HG, Jain R, Joshi R.

     Orbit 2007;26(4):287-9

17. UK prospective study of change in visual function in patients treated with Peginterferon-alpha for hepatitis C.            Malik NN, Sheth HG, Ackerman N, Davies N, Mitchell SM.

     Br J Ophthalmol. 2008 Feb;92(2):256-8 

18. Delayed transient macular ischaemia due to ocular siderosis.

     Cleary G, Sheth HG, Laidlaw AH.

     Eye 2007 Aug;21(8):1132-3 

19. Diplopia due to maxillary sinus mucocoele.

     Sheth HG, Goel R.

     Int Ophthalmol. 2007 Dec;27(6):365-7

20. Giant eccrine hidrocystoma presenting with unilateral ptosis and epiphora.

     Sheth HG, Raina J.

     Int Ophthalmol. 2007 

21. Bowen Disease of the Conjunctiva treated by Mohs resection.

     Sheth HG, Jain R, Joshi N.

     Br J Hosp Med. 2007 Oct;68(10):560

22. Acute ophthalmic referrals from primary care – an audit and recommendations.

     Sheth HG, Subramanian S, Sheth A.

     J Eval Clin Practice 2008 Aug;14(4):618-20

23. Seafan avulsion and auto-infarction, PVD and retinal tears in sickle retinopathy.

     Sheth HG, Patel J.

     Arch Ophthalmol. 2008;126(7):1012  


24. Development of full-thickness macular hole despite previous posterior vitreous detachment and vitrectomy for        retinal detachment; 2 cases.

     Sheth HG, Bainbridge J.

     Eur J Ophthalmol. 2008 Nov-Dec;18(6):1025-7 

25. Punctate Inner Choroidopathy associated choroidal neovascular membranes in Pregnancy – case series.

     Sim D, Sheth HG, Kaines A, Tufail A. 

     Eye. 2008 May;22(5):725-7

26. The nature of sub-retinal fluid in patients undergoing vitrectomy for macular hole – a cytopathological and              Optical Coherence Tomography study.

     Herbert EN, Sheth HG, Wickremasinghe S, Luthert P, Bainbridge J, Gregor ZJ.

     Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2008 Dec;36(9):812-6

27. TINU-associated retinal pigment epithelium detachments: a novel posterior segment feature.

     Sheth HG, Laverde-Konig T, Raina J.

     Int Ophthalmol. 2009 Jun;29(3):179-8110

28. Outcome of raised IOP in uveitic eyes with and without steroid hypertensive response.

     Sallam A, Sheth HG, Habot-Wilner Z, Lightman S. 

     Am J Ophthalmol. 2009 Aug;148(2):207-13

29. Pole to pole intra-ocular transit of tarantula hairs – an intriguing cause of red eye.

     Sheth HG, Pacheco P, Sallam A, Lightman S.

     Case Rep Med 2009:159097

30. Undiagnosed Patent Foramen Ovale presenting as retinal artery occlusion – an emerging association.

     Sheth HG, Laverde-Konig T, Raina J.

     J of Ophth 2009 doi:10.1155/2009/248269

31. Rapid, accurate and easy pH assessment in ocular chemical injury.

     Subash M, Sheth HG.

     The Journal of Emergency Medicine 2009

32. Cystoid macular oedema and visual loss as sequelae to Interferon-alpha treatment of systemic Hepatitis C.                 Sheth HG, Michaelides M, Siriwardena D.

      Ind J Ophthalmol 2010;58(2):147-8

33. Transient visual loss after seizures.

     Subash M, Sheth HG, Saihan Z, Plant GT.

     Clin Experiment Ophthalmol. 2010 Oct;38(7):734-5

34. Bridging the Gap: Theory-based design of a microsurgical skills course for Ophthalmology residents.

     Koukkoulli A, Chandra A, Sheth H, Okhravi N, Verma S, Sullivan P, Ezra D 

     J Surg Educ. 2015 Jul-Aug;72(4):585-91

       International & National Oral Presentations


1.   Endothelin-1 in human breast cancer

     10th International Medical Sciences Congress, Istanbul University May 1994

2.   Endothelin-1 production; regulation through various post-receptor pathways

     European Congress of Endocrinology, Amsterdam  July 1994

3.   VR Trauma – Characteristics and Outcomes

     British and Eire Vitreoretinal Society (BEVRS) Meeting, Telford  November 2003


4.   ARN 20 years on

     Medical Ophthalmology Society (UK) March 2004 and 6th International Uveitis Symposium September 2004

5.   LASEK with Schwind ESIRIS to correct hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism

     American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Washington April 2005


6.   The Red Eye and Glaucoma for GPs

     29th Annual GP Forum, Royal Society of Medicine, London  September 2009



      Poster Presentations

1.   Effect of Storage on Efficacy of Dysport Botulinum Toxin – Clinical Outcomes Comparison

     Sheth HG, Chua CN.

     British Oculoplastic Society  May 2003

2.   Glaucoma Patient Knowledge Survey

     Sheth HG

     Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress, Birmingham  May 2004


3.   Comparison of LASEK topography guided wavefront treatments with standard treatment algorithms in myopic          eyes: a bilateral controlled study’

     Sheth HG, O’Brart D, Marshal J

     Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress, Manchester  May 2004


4.   UK National Survey of prophylactic YAG Iridotomy

     Sheth HG

     American Academy of Ophthalmology, New Orleans October 2004

5.   The Effect of simulated lens opacity on colour vision evaluated using three techniques

      Jayaram H, Membrey L, Hancox J, Sheth HG, Laidlaw A.

      ARVO May 2005


6.   Recovery of colour vision after surgery for retinal detachment involving the macula

      Membrey L, Jayaram H, Moradi P, Sheth HG.

      ARVO  May 2005


7.  Bilateral sequential Optic Neuropathy – rare viral and vasculitic aetiologies

     Sheth HG, Shilling JS, Graham EM.

     Royal Society of Medicine  June 2005


8.  Unilateral Visual Loss secondary to syphilis – 4 cases

     Sheth HG, Pringle E, Stanford M, Graham EM

     Royal Society of Medicine  June 2005


9.  Delayed Forehead flaps for lower lid reconstruction – a novel application

     Sheth HG, Hardy T, Joshi N, Kelly M.

     European Society of Ophthalmic and Reconstructive Surgery, Greece  September 2005


10. Lipid-lowering therapy causing resolution of retinal hard exudates – case series

     Aslam S, Sheth HG.

     Euretina (6th meeting), Lisbon May 2006

11.  Ophthalmic Assessment of Hepatitis C patients treated with pegylated interferon-alpha

      Sheth HG

      ARVO May 2006


12.  Quality of care and record keeping in a Glaucoma service

      Sheth HG

      SOE, Vienna  2007


13. Knowledge, adherence and persistence in Glaucoma – should patients know their IOP

     Sheth HG

     International Glaucoma Symposium (IGS), Athens March 2007

14. Neovascular Glaucoma following ischaemic CRVO – limited success of ‘prophylactic’ PRP

     Laverde-Konig T, Sheth HG, Palexas G.

     Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting, Liverpool May 2008

15.  360 degree appraisal of local anaesthetic in daycase phacoemulsification surgery

      Sheth HG, Aslam SA, Dob D.

      American Academy of Ophthalmology, Atlanta  November 2008

16. Epidemiological Profile of Elective Surgical Ophthalmic Patients Cancelled On or After Admission in England

     Davies M, Sheth HG, Jones S.

     American Academy of Ophthalmology, San Francisco  October 2009


17. Does General Anaesthesia Lead to an Increase in Emergency Medical Readmissions After Ophthalmic                        Surgery? 

     Sheth HG, Davies M, Jones S.

     American Academy of Ophthalmology, San Francisco  October 2009


18. Referral from Glaucoma to Neuro-Ophthalmology at Moorfields: Reasons and Outcomes

     Shankar V, Sheth HG, Papadopoulos M, Plant G. 

     Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting May 2011


19. Prostaglandin-associated periorbitopathy (PAP)

     Mathews A, Sheth HG.

     Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting May 2014